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Brain Men The Quiz Professionals 15Every Brain Men quiz is compiled to order, taking into account the size of the audience, and the age range, gender bias and educational achievements of the participants. We don’t just use the same old questions for everyone (as some people do). The idea is to challenge and entertain. Too easy and a quiz is just boring. Too hard or obscure, and you want to murder the quizmasters.

But to help you choose what’s right for you and your organisation, we do offer three basic quiz packages.

BM_Hand_smThe STANDARD Brain Men quiz is a two-man operation: one asking the questions, the other ensuring the whole thing runs smoothly.

BM_Hand_smThe DELUXE Brain Men quiz requires three of us and will include a film round, a music round and full a/v.

BM_Hand_smThe ECONOMY Brain Men quiz gives you just one of us, which works fine for smallish gatherings and a simple paper quiz.

Call us on 020 7272 4448 or email to discuss your precise requirements, for within these rough bounds there are numberless variations. The main thing is that your guests have a good time, and that we can guarantee.