Brain Teaser

Are you brain dead? Or a brain box? Here are ten, tricky trivia questions to help you decide. Give yourself two points for each correct answer, one point if you get close. Happy quizzing!

1. What was Julie Andrews’ first ever film?

2. If you’re running the 400 metres hurdles, how many individual hurdles would you have to clear?

3. In which century was the word ‘pig’ first used to describe a policeman?

4. Why could the Chupa Chups logo be described as surreal?

5. If you travelled due east from New York, which country would you come to first after leaving the USA?

6. A Duke may be married to a Duchess, a Baron to a Baroness and a Marquis to a Marchioness. What is the title given to the wife of an Earl?

7. What, in sport, must be four and a quarter inches in diameter and a minimum of four inches from top to bottom?

8. Who, in a her song called Let’s Do It, requested that she be ‘beaten on the bottom with a Woman’s Weekly‘?

9. Which small town in northern Burgundy gives its name to a classic dry white wine made from the Chardonnay grape?

10. Which worldwide organisation was formed in London in 1844 by George Williams with several other young men in the drapery firm of Hitchcock & Rogers?

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