1. What was Julie Andrews’ first ever film?

A: Mary Poppins (1964).

2. If you’re running the 400 metres hurdles, how many individual hurdles would you have to clear?

A: Ten.

3. The first written mention of the word ‘pig’ to describe a policeman was in which century?

A: 19th (1812).

4. Why could the Chupa Chups logo be described as surreal?

A: It was designed by Salvador Dali.

5. If you travelled due east from New York, which country would you come to first after leaving the USA?

A: Portugal.

6. A Duke may be married to a Duchess, a Baron to a Baroness and a Marquis to a Marchioness. What is the title given to the wife of an Earl?

A: Countess.

7. What, in sport, must be four and a quarter inches in diameter and a minimum of four inches from top to bottom?

A: A golf hole.

8. Who, in her song Let’s Do It, requested that she be ‘beaten on the bottom with a Woman’s Weekly’?

A: Victoria Wood.

9. Which small town in northern Burgundy gives its name to a classic dry white wine made from the Chardonnay grape?

A: Chablis.

10. Which worldwide organisation was formed in London in 1844 by George Williams with several other young men in the drapery firm of Hitchcock and Rogers?

A: The YMCA.

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