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1. “Tasty, tasty, very, very tasty. They’re very tasty.” What were?

2. In 1969, two men called Richard Block and David Quayle opened their first shop. It was on Portswood Road, Southampton. What did they call it?

3. When the world’s waters rise, which country in the Indian Ocean is expected to be the first in the world to be completely submerged?

4. The First World War drama The African Queen was shot mostly on location in the Belgian Congo. During the time there, only the director John Huston and star Humphrey Bogart didn’t catch dysentery. What is the reason they escaped uninfected?

5. Which other murderer, albeit one who was never found guilty, was buried on March 29th 1995, the same day as Ronnie Kray?

6. George Bush, in an aside to Tony Blair at the Dubai economic summit in 2002 said, “The trouble with the French is, they have no word for…” What?

7. Which German football club is owned by the company that discovered aspirin and heroin?

8. When it started in 2001, this TV advertising slogan had the word “I’m” at its centre. In 2005 that changed to “You’re”, and in 2009 it became “We’re”. “I’m”, “You’re”, “We’re” what?

9. Staff at an advertising agency called Big Grin Productions, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, were disappointed in 2004 when Johnny Cash’s family wouldn’t let them use which of his songs in an advert for a haemorrhoid preparation?

10. What name, perhaps better associated with another form of transport, is given to the passenger cabin of an airship or balloon?

11. Which island’s northwest coast is washed by the Sudrian Sea? Its ancient capital was the city of Suddery, but its largest conurbation is now Tidmouth.

12. Who was the town dentist in Tombstone, Arizona between 1880 and 1882?

13. One school of thought says that it was invented when a labrador sat on a picnic. What is the name of the pudding that is a mixture of strawberries, meringue and cream?

14. In 2006 a team from Beltinge Cricket Club and the BBC camera crew who had been filming their latest game had to call out the RNLI. Why?

15. There is one in Barbados and others in Bristol, Manchester, London, New York, Seattle and a place called East Fortune in Scotland. What?

16. On which Caribbean island were cricketer Brian Lara, the author V S Naipaul and Sir Trevor McDonald all born?

17. Dave Edwards and Robert Brydges, both in 2001, Pat Gibson in 2004 and Ingram Wilcox in 2006. These four, along with another much more famous name, are the only five people to have done what?

18. Lianne Croft was snooker’s first, in the final of the 1997 B & H Masters between Steve Davis and Ronnie O’Sullivan. Andrew Slater was the first in the World Championships, in 2002. Mark Roberts was the first in a World Championship final, in 2004. The first what?

19. The actress who played Elsie Tanner in Coronation Street was, for the six days before she died in 1986, whose mother-in-law?

20. Which band that was at the height of its fame in the late 1970s was named after an artificial penis that is mentioned in William Burroughs’ 1964 novel The Naked Lunch?

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