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Brain Men Quizzes

Looking for something different for your next company event or charity fundraiser? Need to wake up your team and keep them awake? Then you need Brain Men Professional Quiz Nights.

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We’re full time quizmasters, writing and hosting the finest bespoke quizzes in the land. All our quiz questions are derived from original research by Brain Men, and multiple checked for accuracy.

We tailor each quiz to our audience, and can include questions based on film and TV clips, music clips, pictures and photos – all topped off with our unique electronic scoreboard to keep the audience’s adrenaline flowing.

In short, we know the questions to ask.

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Queen Victoria saw a member of her court imitating her: what was her response? What hardly ever happen in Hertford, Hereford or Hampshire? Do zebras have white stripes or black stripes?

Brain Men have a wealth of experience in quizwriting, quizmastering, and quizproduction. More importantly, we’ve been to more rotten quizzes than we can shake a stick at.

So sack the unfunny comedian. Forget the dull motivational speaker. For conferences, team-building exercises or just a good time, a Brain Men quiz is the answer to your needs.

(Queen Victoria said, ‘We are not amused.’ Hurricanes hardly ever happen in Hertford, Hereford or Hampshire, according to Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady. And zebras have white stripes, on a black background.)

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We mainly present our professional quizzes in the City of London and the West End, as well as Brighton and the south east of England. But we’ve worked across the UK and beyond, so it’s worth getting in touch with us wherever you are. We prefer to use our own, experienced quizmasters, but we can also furnish you with a quiz you can present yourself. It’s the ideal solution for pub quiz nights, birthday quizzes, and other occasions where budgets might be a little, how shall we say… ‘constrained’.